Conductive Form-In-Place Gasket

Description: F5322 is a room temperature curable Ni/Graphite filled FIP silicone gasket, which has high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion, extremely high conductivity, this material provides superior shielding effectiveness at a soft compression level.

This material is suitable for metal or glass fabric filled plastic substrates. The F5322 is compatible with various substrates containing enhanced galvanic corrosion resistance and stability in severe environments.


  • Extremely high conductivity in Ni/Graphite filled FIP line.
  • A highly compressible soft gasket designed for low compression force application.
  • More than 100 dB shielding effectiveness from 200MHz to 10GHz with a small gasket bead.
  • More than 80 Newtons/cm2 shear adhesion on common housing substrates and coatings.

Technical Information